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After a new implementation the customer began to experience dropped calls and an `all lines busy’ error condition. The carrier confirmed their service was operational and all lines tested came back good. After contacting Avaya, support confirmed there were more calls being presented than the telephone switch could handle.
Which pre-implementation step was omitted?

A. properly sizing trunk capacity
B. interoperability testing
C. upgrading the circuits
D. correct licensing specifications

Answer: A

Which three standards does the Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services (AES) support? (Choose three.)

A. Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA)
B. Media Stream Reservation Protocol (MSRP)
C. Telephony Server API (TSAPI)
D. Java Telephony API (JTAPI)
E. Far End Camera Control (FECC)

Answer: ACD

A customer calls Avaya support because their 3rd party SIP telephones are not working. Support is able to confirm that the telephones are not supported and do not integrate with Communication Manager or Session Manager.
Which two pre-implementation steps were omitted? (Choose two.)

A. Establish connectivity.
B. Test all third-party equipment and software.
C. Provide accurate licensing specification.
D. Access support.avaya.com to verify customer systems compatibility.
E. Upgrade Communication and Session Manager.

Answer: CE

Which three statements are true about Avaya Aura® Messaging (AAM)? (Choose three.)

A. 20 Voice Ports are always reserved for retrieving messages.
B. AAM can run on Avaya-provided hardware that runs Linux?and Avaya Aura® System Platform, or VMware in a virtualized environment.
C. You can choose to use the Avaya Message Store or Microsoft Exchange Store.
D. AAM Multi-Server configuration separates Application Servers from Avaya Message Store.
E. Each message application server allows for up to 100 simultaneous SIP or H323 sessions, with 300 active ports permitted per Voice Mail Domain (VMD).

Answer: BCD

The WebRTC snap-in is showing a yellow caution icon under License Mode.
What does this error mode indicate?

A. The license was installed incorrectly.
B. The license 30 day grace period has expired.
C. There is a license error but the snap-in continues to function.
D. The snap-in license has expired and is out of service.

Answer: C

The Entity Monitoring column on the Session Manager Dashboard shows two figures per line.
How should these two figures be interpreted?

A. the first number indicates the number of retries, the second number indicates the total number of links monitored
B. the first number indicates the number of unmonitored links, the second number indicates the total number of monitored links
C. the first number indicates the total number of links monitored, the second number indicates the number of links down
D. the first number indicates the number of links down, the second number indicates the total number of links monitored

Answer: C

Which two methods can be used to determine the status of the Switch/CTI Link between Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) and Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services (AES)? (Choose two.)

A. Observe the AES Alarm Report.
B. Run an ASAI test on AES.
C. Observe the CM dashboard.
D. Observe the AES dashboard.
E. Run the status aesvcs cti-link command on CM.

Answer: BE

In Avaya Aura® 7 the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) license is installed on an external WebLM server and the EMS points to the WebLM server using a URL.
What is the correct syntax of that URL where is the IP address of the WebLM server?


Answer: C

A Maintenance Engineer logs onto the Command Line Interface (CLI) of Avaya Aura® Messaging (AAM) and issues the vmstat command.
What information will the display present?

A. statistical information about voicemail boxes
B. information about the volatile memory
C. status information about the virtual machine
D. count of mailbox password violation attempts

Answer: B

To validate the initial system status of Breeze with the WebRTC Snap-I, which two components should be checked? (Choose two.)

A. application
B. configured certificates
C. cluster status
D. licensing status
E. installation status

Answer: AE

What are two valid Avaya Aura® Messaging (AAM) Measurement Report types? (Choose two.)

A. Occupancy
B. Load
C. Users
D. Disk Usage
E. Feature

Answer: BE

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