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An engineer is configuring a template in CloudSense Report Builder for NetApp Storage Physical Accounts and must show all of the information in snapshots.
Which three components are represented in the report? (Choose three )

A. Aggregates Free vs Used
B. Volume Allocation
C. Filer v Volumes Total vs Used
E. Disk

Answer: CDE

An engineer must build a cost model and must consider OpEx costs.
Which two expenditures fall under OpEx expenditures? (Choose two )

A. accounting fees
B. racks, cables, and installation
C. facility construction or acquisition
D. network peripherals
E. payroll
F. server, network and storage hardware

Answer: AB

What are two default options when ordering new services from Prime Service Catalog’? (Choose two )

A. request a quote
B. submit for authorization
C. order for others
D. order
E. order for a later date

Answer: BD

An engineer is recording debug logs for Cisco UCS Director.
What is the maximum recordable time?

A. 1 minute
B. 30 minutes
C. 1 hour
D. 24 hours

Answer: B

Which product must first be integrated to take advantage of preconfigured templates in Cisco Prime Service Catalog?

A. Cisco UCS Performance Manager
B. Cisco VACS
C. Cisco UCS Director
D. Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business
E. Cisco Puppet

Answer: B

Drag and Drop Question
An engineer is conducting performance monitoring using Cisco Prime Service Catalog that has been integrated with Cisco UCS Director.
Drag and drop the performance-monitoring outcomes from the left and place them in order from the slowest to the fastest expected speed on the right.


Which component of Cisco Prime Service Catalog does an engineer use to test a newly created catalog item?

A. End-user storefront
B. Stack Designer Service Designer
C. Organization Designer
D. Administration 0 Service Manager

Answer: A

An engineer wants to add a vNIC to a VM.
Which three tools can be used to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco UCS Manager
B. Windows PowerShell
C. Cisco UCS Director Shell menu
D. VMware vSphere
E. Cisco UCS Director PowerShell Agent
F. Orchestrator in Cisco UCS Director
G. Virtual menu in the Cisco UCS Director panel

Answer: ABG

Which purpose of leveraging VMware snapshots to improve change management in the virtual environment is true?

A. to export a VMDK file to a backup location
B. to restore a VM memory state when its physical host crashes
C. to revert a VM to a prior state after a failed patch
D. to improve a VM RPO by keeping multiple backup copies

Answer: C
The snapshot feature is most useful when you want to preserve the state of the virtual machine so you can return to the same state repeatedly.
To simply save the current state of your virtual machine, then pick up work later with the virtual machine in the same state it was when you stopped, suspend the virtual machine. For details, see Using Suspend and Resume.
You can take a snapshot of a virtual machine at any time and revert to that snapshot at any time.
You can take a snapshot while a virtual machine is powered on, powered off or suspended. A snapshot preserves the virtual machine just as it was when you took the snapshot – the state of the data on all the virtual machine’s disks and whether the virtual machine was powered on, powered off or suspended.

An engineer must improve visibility into CPU utilization within a Cisco UCS environment.
In which way can Cisco UCS Performance Manager provide this visibility?

A. A Linux script runs against a user-created CRON job to compile utilization reports.
B. Custom thresholds allow for monitoring performance from the dashboard.
C. Log outputs can be emailed automatically to systems administrators
D. Dependency mappings allow for visually tracking VM statistics

Answer: D

Which option can be usually determined when using host group dependency mapping to improve troubleshooting?

A. VMs communication network
B. w communication patterns of ESXi hosts
C. resource utilization of Cisco UCS domains
D. underlying infrastructure for a group of hosts

Answer: C


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