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Which two Cisco Unified CCX steps invoke another Cisco Unified CCX application script? (Choose two.)

A. CallSubflow step
B. On Exception Goto step
C. Trigger Application step
D. Connect step

Answer: AC

Where are CTI route points added or configured for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express?

A. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Media Subsystem
B. Cisco Unified CallManager Device Configuration
C. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Directory Management
D. Cisco Supervisor Desktop
E. Cisco CRS Administration, JTAPI Trigger Creation

Answer: E

Which three components are installed from the Cisco CRS Installer media? (Choose three.)

A. iPlanet Web Server
B. Cisco CRS Engine
C. Cisco Recording
D. Cisco IP Telephony Windows 2000 Server OS
E. Cisco Unified CallManager
F. MS SQL Server

Answer: BCF

Which tool is used to estimate the hardware server resources that are required for a Cisco Unified CCX deployment?

A. IPC Resource Calculator
B. CTI Port Calculator
C. Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool
D. Cisco Unified CCX Applications Administration

Answer: C

How many languages can be installed for the Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) and the Cisco Supervisor Desktop (CSD)?

A. one language for both the CAD and the CSD
B. one language for the CAD and a different language for the CSD
C. two languages for the CAD and one language for the CSD
D. two languages for both the CAD and the CSD

Answer: A

Which three features are included in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Supervisor Desktop? (Choose three.)

A. graphical reports
B. dockable windows
C. access to chat logs
D. URL push to agents
E. send an email to an agent
F. send a call in queue to a specific agent

Answer: ABD

Which interface is used to configure debug parameters for log files?

A. Datastore Control Center
B. trace configuration
C. system parameters
D. Control Center

Answer: B

If you have not configured the database subsystem, what is the status of the database subsystem on the Control Center page of AppAdmin?

A. partial service
B. out of service
C. shutdown
D. not configured

Answer: D

The Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool enables you to do which three options? (Choose three.)

A. Plot and view performance data.
B. Monitor the replication status of historical data store.
C. Monitor the Cisco Unified CCX CTI port status and take corrective action.
D. Download log files from Cisco Unified CCX nodes.
E. Check the number of active calls in the Cisco Unified CCX system.
F. Monitor the WAN link status.

Answer: ACD

You should perform which three options when troubleshooting a Cisco Unified CCX engine “Java out of memory” crash? (Choose three.)

A. Check the Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability Control Center.
B. Collect heap dumps via the Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool.
C. Collect engine heap performance data via the Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool.
D. Check to see if the customer has installed any third-party applications.
E. Talk to the customer about the deployment and usage pattern.

Answer: BCE

Historical reports can be generated using which two Cisco Unified CCX tools? (Choose two.)

A. Historical Reports Data Store
B. Historical Reporting Client
C. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
D. Cisco Supervisor Desktop

Answer: BC


1.|2018 Latest 500-052 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 91Q&As Download:


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