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Question: 45

Which media-character can be used as an escape character and also can qualify a Meta-Character as literal when used before any character?

A. A backslash (\)
B. A pipe (|)
C. A dollar sign ($)
D. A forward slash (/)

Answer: A

Question: 46

Which content type takes the maximum advantage of web caching mechanisms to boost performance?

A. Pseudo-Dynamic Content
B. Pseudo-Static Content
C. Static Content
D. Dynamic Content

Answer: D

Question: 47

Which two response headers are added by Application Firewall? (Choose two.)

A. Transfer-Encoding
B. Accept-Language
C. Accept-Encoding
D. Set-Cookie

Answer: A,D

Question: 48

A Citrix Engineer is considered that malicious users could exploit a web system by sending a large cookie.
Which security check can the engineer implement to address this concern?

A. Field Formats
B. Content-type
C. Buffer Overflow
D. Start URL

Answer: C

Question: 49

A Citrix Engineer needs to implement Application Firewall to prevent the following tampering and vulnerabilities:
-If web server does NOT send a field to the user, the check should NOT allow the user to add that field and return data in the field.
-If a field is a read-only or hidden field, the check verifies that data has NOT changed.
-If a field is a list box or radio button field, the check verifies that data in the response corresponds to one of the values in that field.
Which security check can the engineer enable to meet this requirement?

A. Field Formats
B. Form Field Consistency
C. HTML Cross-Site Scripting
D. CSRF Form Tagging

Answer: B

Question: 50

A Citrix Engineer needs to optimize the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) content sent from the backend server before being forwarded to the client.
Which option can the engineer use to accomplish CSS optimization?

A. Move to Head Tag
B. Shrink to Attributes
C. Lazy Load
D. Convert to WebP

Answer: A

Question: 51

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer discovers a security vulnerability in one of its websites. The engineer takes a header trace and checks the Application Firewall logs.
The following was found in part of the logs:
method=GET request =
http://my.companysite.net/FFC/sc11.html msg=URL length (39) is greater than maximum allowed (20).cn1=707 cn2=402 cs1=owa_profile cs2=PPE0 cs3=kW49GcKbnwKByByi3+jeNzfgWa80000 cs4=ALERT cs5=2015
Which type of Application Firewall security check can the engineer configure to block this type of attack?

A. Buffer Overflow
B. Start URL
C. Cross-site Scripting
D. Cookie Consistency

Answer: C

Question: 52

Which type of Application Profile type can be configured to protect the application which supports both HTML and XML data?

A. Web 2.0 Application Profile
B. Web Application Profile
C. XML Application Profile
D. Advanced Profile

Answer: A
Reference: ttps://docs.citrix.com/zh-cn/netscaler/11/security/application- firewall/DeploymentGuide.html

Question: 53

A Citrix Engineer needs to ensure that clients always receive a fresh answer from the integrated cache for positive responses (response of 200).
Which two settings can the engineer configure to make sure that clients receive a fresh response when it is needed? (Choose two.)

A. –flashCache NO
B. – pollEveryTime YES
C. –prefetch YES
D. –quickAbortSize

Answer: A,B

Question: 54

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer uses one StyleBook on a NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) to create multiple load-balanced virtual server configurations for NetScaler instances. The configuration is saved in a config pack.
In which two locations is the StyleBookconfig pack saved? (Choose two.)

A. NetScaler Instance
B. NetScaler SDX
C. Syslg Server
D. Local network

Answer: A,E

Question: 55

In PCRE, the only characters assumed to be literals are (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. A-Z
B. a-z, A-Z
C. a-z, A-Z, 0-9 D. 0-9

Answer: B


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