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Ann, a user, calls the help desk regarding an issue on her laptop. While working remotely, she appears to be connecting to WiFi but is unable to retrieve her corporate email. The wireless name is listed as “ConnectMe” and appears as unsecure. Which of the following should the help desk perform to fix the issue?

A. Remote into Ann’s system and restart the wireless adapter
B. Ask Ann to open a browser and watch for a redirect page
C. Advice Ann to pug an Ethernet cable into her laptop
D. Direct Ann to run an antivirus program on her laptop

Answer: B

A project team is organized to implement a new wireless solution for a school. The team has already done the network diagrams and knows the locations that will need to be addressed in the project. The team is in the process of creating an SOW for the project as a whole and needs to add the critical pieces to the SOW to complete it and move to the next stage. Which of the following would the project team MOST likely add to the SOW?

A. Risk analysis
B. Plan to change
C. Backout plan
D. Change board approvals

Answer: C

A user calls the help desk regarding a new Windows issues that started in the morning. The user can no longer use any locally attached devices, such as a mouse or a printer, and a reboot did not fix the problem.
Which of the following would MOST likely fix the issue?

A. Roll back updates
B. Disable the Windows Update service
C. Check for updates
D. Restore hidden updates

Answer: A

An end user’s PC is taking a long time to boot. Which of the following operations would be the BEST to resolve this issue with minimal expense? (Select two.)

A. Remove applications from startup
B. Defragment the hard drive
C. Install additional RAM
D. Install a faster hard drive
E. End the processes in Task Manager
F. Run the Disk Cleanup utility

Answer: AB

A technician is setting up a SOHO wireless network for a healthcare office that does not have a server. The user requires the highest level of wireless security and various levels of desktop authentication to access cloud resources.
Which of the following protocols and authentication methods should the technician implement? (Select two.)

F. Multifactor

Answer: BF

A technician is PXE booting a computer. Which of the following is the technician MOST likely performing on the computer?

A. Image deployment
B. Multiboot configuration
C. In-place upgrade
D. System repair

Answer: A

Ann, an employee at a company, calls the help disk to report issues logging on to a vendor’s website. Joe, the technician, is able to log in successfully with his credentials before going to Ann’s office. However, when he attempts to log in from Ann’s office, Joe experiences the same issue. Ann asks Joe questions about the new software installed on the laptop from the pop-up notification. Which of the following are the NEXT steps Joe should take to resolve the issue? (Select two.)

A. Ask Ann for her credentials to verify and log on to the vendor’s website from Ann’s laptop
B. Verify Ann’s laptop has the correct browser settings
C. Check all browser cached files on Ann’s laptop and log on to another vendor’s website
D. Attempt to log on to another vendor’s website from Ann’s laptop
E. Ask Ann about the notification and review the installed programs
F. Reinstall the browser, reboot the laptop, and check the vendor’s website again

Answer: CE

Which of the following is the maximum RAM limit of a Windows 32-bit version?

A. no limit
B. 4GB
C. 8GB
D. 32GB

Answer: B

A user’s smartphone is making the camera shutter noise even when the user is not taking pictures. When the user opens the photo album, there are no new pictures. Which of the following steps should be taken FIRST to determine the cause of the issue?

A. Uninstall the camera application
B. Check the application permissions
C. Reset the phone to factory settings
D. Update all of the applications on the phone
E. Run any pending OS updates

Answer: B

Joe, an end user, has been prompted to provide his username and password to access the payroll system.
Which of the following authentication methods is being requested?

A. Single-factor
B. Multifactor

Answer: A

Which of the following devices provides protection against brownouts?

A. battery backup
B. surge suppressor
C. rack grounding
D. line conditioner

Answer: A

Ann, a user, has purchased a new Android phone and is attempting to access a public hot-spot. When she gets a message indicating the page cannot be displayed. She notices there is a “?” in the radio icon in the toolbar.
She has verified Bluetooth is active, airplane mode is off, and tethering is turned on. She uses the cell phone to call a technician for assistance. Which of the following is the MOST likely issue Ann is experiencing?

A. There is unauthenticated wireless connectivity
B. She has exceeded the data allowance
C. The phone is only 3G capable
D. It is an unrooted phone
E. The SIM card was not activated
F. A data plan was not purchased

Answer: A

A junior Linux system administrator needs to update system software. Which of the following shell commands would allow the administrator to gain the necessary permissions to update the software?

A. sudo
B. chmod
C. grep
D. pwd

Answer: A

A small business has an open wireless network so vendors can connect to the network without logging in. The business owners are concerned that a nearby company is connecting and using the wireless connection without permission. If the small business requires that the network remain open, which of the following configuration settings should be changed to address these concerns?

A. Default SSID
B. MAC filtering
C. Power levels
D. Content filtering
E. Firewall

Answer: C

A user’s computer is displaying a black screen. The technician restarts the computer, but the OS still does not load. The technician discovers the OS was patched the previous evening. Which of the following should the technician attempt NEXT?

A. Reboot into safe mode and roll back the updates
B. Repair the Windows Registry
C. Configure boot options in the BIOS
D. Disable Windows services and applications

Answer: A


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