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New Question
Which two fields are available when creating an endpoint on the context visibility page of Cisco IS? (Choose two )

A.    Policy Assignment
B.    Endpoint Family
C.    Identity Group Assignment
D.    Security Group Tag
E.    IP Address

Answer: AB

New Question
When configuring Active Directory groups, what does the Cisco ISE use to resolve ambiguous group names?

A.    MIB
B.    TGT
C.    OMAB
D.    SID

Answer: C

New Question
What is the purpose of the ip http server command on a switch?

A.    It enables the https server for users for web authentication
B.    It enables MAB authentication on the switch
C.    It enables the switch to redirect users for web authentication.
D.    It enables dot1x authentication on the switch.

Answer: B

New QAuestion
What are two requirements of generating a single signing in Cisco ISE by using a certificate provisioning portal, without generating a certificate request? (Choose two )

A.    Location the CSV file for the device MAC
B.    Select the certificate template
C.    Choose the hashing method
D.    Enter the common name
E.    Enter the IP address of the device

Answer: AE

New Question
What service can be enabled on the Cisco ISE node to identity the types of devices connecting to a network?

A.    MAB
B.    profiling
C.    posture
D.    central web authentication

Answer: D

New Question
which two ways can users and endpoints be classified for TrustSec? (Choose two )

A.    VLAN.
B.    SXP
C.    dynamic
D.    QoS

Answer: A

New Question
What does the dot1x system-auth-control command do?

A.    causes a network access switch not to track 802.1x sessions
B.    globally enables 802.1x
C.    enables 802.1x on a network access device interface
D.    causes a network access switch to track 802.1x sessions

Answer: B

New Question
What is a valid guest portal type?
A.    Sponsored-Guest
B.    Sponsor
C.    Captive-Guest
D.    My Devices
Answer: A

New Question
Drag the Cisco ISE node types from the left onto the appropriate purposes on the right.
Monitoring = provides advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools that you can use to effectively manage your network and resources Policy Service = provides network access, posture, guest access, client provisioning, and profiling services.
This persona evaluates the policies and makes all the decisions.
Administration = manages all system-related configuration and configurations that relate to functionality such as authentication, authorization, auditing, and so on pxGrid = shares contextsensitive information from Cisco ISE to subscribers https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/ise/14 /admin_guide/b_ise_admin_guide_14/b_ise_admin_guide

New Question
A network administrator has just added a front desk receptionist account to the Cisco ISE Guest Service sponsor group. Using the Cisco ISE Guest Sponsor Portal, which guest services can the receptionist provide?
A.    Configure authorization settings for guest users
B.    Create and manage guest user accounts
C.    Authenticate guest users to Cisco ISE
D.    Keep track of guest user activities
Answer: B

New Question
What occurs when a Cisco ISE distributed deployment has two nodes and the secondary node is deregistered?
A.    The secondary node restarts.
B.    Both nodes restart.
C.    The primary node restarts
D.    The primary node becomes standalone
Answer: A
Explanation https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/ise/1-11 /installation_guide/ise_install_guide/ise_deploy.html if your deployment has two nodes and you deregister the secondary node, both nodes in this primary-secondary pair are restarted. (The former primary and secondary nodes become standalone.)

New Question
What is needed to configure wireless guest access on the network?
A.    Captive Portal Bypass turned on
B.    valid user account in Active Directory
C.    WEBAUTH ACL for redirection
D.    endpoint already profiled in ISE
E.    Answer: A

New Question
Which two events trigger a CoA for an endpoint when CoA is enabled globally for ReAuth?
( Choose two. )
A.    addition of endpoint to My Devices Portal
B.    endpoint profile transition from Unknown to Windows 10-Workstation C. endpoint profile transition from Aop.e-dev.ee to Apple-iPhone
D.    updating of endpoint dACL.
E.    endpoint marked as lost in My Devices Portal
Answer: B,C

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