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Which two port profiles are used in VSM? (Choose two.)

B. VMkernels
C. Ethernet
D. vEthernet

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. The administrator has been provided with this topology, but has not been provided with the IP address of storage switch and has been asked zoning.
Which two CLI commands can be used to determine the management addresses of the storage switches? (Choose two)

A. show npv status
B. show fens database
C. show fcdomain status
D. show fcdomain domain-list
E. show fcdomain statistics
F. show cfs internal ethernet-peer
G. show cfs peers
H. show npv internal info

Answer: GH

What does the previously active supervisor do when “system switchover” is issued?

A. State is transferred and then becomes ha -standby.
B. A core dump file is written, state is transferred, and the system resets.
C. State is transferred; the supervisor reloads and becomes ha -standby.
D. State is transferred; data plane operations are briefly suspended and then become ha -standby.

Answer: C

When a host Cisco Network Assistant is attached to two different Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is a requirement of the host NIC interfaces when attempting to use FCoE from the host?

A. LACP is the only method to enable the host-side NIC teaming for FCoE.
B. The host/NICs must be capable of supporting link aggregation.
C. LACP mode ,,vPC is the correct Cisco Network Assistant parameter configuration.
D. The host-side NIC team name must match what is configured in the vPC peers.
E. The NIC drivers must be configured for the ,,Cisco vPC option = on

Answer: B

Where is FIP negotiated?

A. between E Nodes and VF ports
B. between E Nodes and F Nodes
C. between VF ports
D. between VN ports
E. between VN ports and VF ports and FCFs

Answer: E

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop two configurations that should fail without data loss from the left column into the 2 Devices Lost column on the right.


The Cisco Nexus 1000v Series switches can configure traditional SPAN sessions.
Which three statements about the local SPAN source ports are true? (Choose three)

A. It can be port type Ethernet, virtual Ethernet, or port-channel.
B. It can be configured to monitor the direction of the traffic.
C. It must be in the same VLAN.
D. It cannot be on a different host VEM as the destination port.
E. It cannot be a port profile.
F. It must be in the same VSAN.

Answer: ABD

Which two statements about OTV are true?(Choose two)

A. The authoritative edge device is the active forwarder for multicast and unknown unicast for all VLANs.
B. The join interface must be a Layer 2 interface.
C. no special license is required for OTV.
D. OTV requires a separate VDC if SVIs for the extended VLANs are to be configured on the same switch.
E. Only one join interface can be specified per overlay.
F. OTV runs over a distance victor routing protocol.

Answer: DE

Which three options are types of iSCSI node names? (Choose three)

A. extended unique identifier
B. iSCSI unique identifier
C. extended qualified name
D. network address authority
E. iSCSI qualified name
F. network qualified name

Answer: ADE

Which Cisco Nexus 1000v Switch CLI command is used to verify the connection between the Cisco Nexus 1000v Series Switch and VMware?

A. show module
B. show svs domain
C. show svd domain
D. show svs connections
E. show svd console

Answer: D

Which three statements about the Cisco Fibre Channel Domain feature are true? (Choose three)

A. It is responsible for domain ID distribution.
B. It is responsible for fabric reconfiguration.
C. The domains are configured on a switch-wide basis.
D. It functions as described in the FC-EE standards.
E. It acts as relay agent for the FC ID allocations that are distributed by the Fibre Channel Time Server(ff.ff.fb)
F. It is responsible for principal switch selection.

Answer: ABF


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