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Which are two strategies for maximizing benefits realization for the customer with respect to stated outcomes? (Choose two.)

A.    ensure critical success factors and key performance indicators are validated and signed off by the customer prior to designing the solution
B.    work alongside the customer to provide a high quality user adoption plan
C.    ensure all risks are completely mitigated
D.    run multiple pilots to gain valuable user feedback

Answer: AB

Which three options are examples of operational outcomes? (Choose three.)

A.    Availability of end user support
B.    Increased quality of service for managers
C.    Standardized tools and processes
D.    Better quality management decision making
E.    Increased automation
F.    Increased infrastructure resiliency

Answer: CEF

Which option provides best practice guidance for implementing a governance process for technology implementation?

A.    SWOT
C.    ITIL
D.    PMP

Answer: B

Which two options show how regular post-implementation business reviews with the customer assist with governance best practice? (Choose two.)

A.    by providing a forum for learning about new or changed business requirements
B.    by providing a forum for selling additional products and services
C.    by providing a way to regularly review actual performance against targets set and (if necessary) agree mitigating actions
D.    by providing a way to develop and enhance the relationship with the customer’s business and technical decision makers

Answer: AC

Which two post-sales activities can be used to identify new opportunities and capabilities to support the customer? (Choose two.)

A.    as a way to learn about new or changed customer
B.    as a forum for promoting Cisco architectures
C.    as a mechanism for validating the ROI for technology
D.    as a way to advertise current promotions and special offers

Answer: AC

Which is a benefit from establishing credibility with multiple customer stakeholders?

A.    You increase the odds of gaining an advocate for the largest cost alternative you can offer the customer.
B.    This shows your #1 priority is to build friends and allies.
C.    You build a basis for gaining insight into a range of customer viewpoints or priorities.
D.    You gain influence with the IT Executive, since they alone can help you displace a competitor.

Answer: C

Which statement best describes inside policy based NAT?

A.    Policy NAT rules are those that determine which addresses need to be translated per the enterprise security policy.
B.    Policy NAT consists of policy rules based on outside sources attempting to communicate with inside endpoints.
C.    These rules use source addresses as the decision for translation policies.
D.    These rules are sensitive to all communicating endpoints.

Answer: A

Which is an appropriate way to gain data useful for analyzing stakeholder support and power?

A.    Benchmark study.
B.    Analyze win rates for the past 10 proposals you made to the company.
C.    Focus group with a team of customer executives.
D.    Business Motivation Model.

Answer: C

Which is the preferred aid to help you structure discovery meetings with customers?

A.    IT cost analysis.
B.    Business case for the last two proposals.
C.    An article with a checklist showing advantages of your product vs.competitors.
D.    Strategic Question Asking Framework.

Answer: D

When discovering requirements, which behavior is appropriate?

A.    End meetings earlier than planned to show a sense of urgency
B.    Avoid taking notes, since you can always return for a follow up
C.    Answer customer questions with details and numbers, to convince them you know what they need
D.    Actively listen to the customer’s comments and effectively take notes

Answer: D


1.|2017 New 820-424 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 156Q&As Download:

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