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EMC NetWorker is using a library controlled by an ACSLS server. Which NetWorker command can be used to discover volumes on the NetWorker server?

A.    nsrjb
B.    jbedit
C.    jbconfig
D.    nsrmm

Answer: A

In an EMC NetWorker storage node with four stand-alone LTO tape drives, which daemons must be running?

A.    One nsrmmd and four nsrlcpd
B.    Four nsrmmd only
C.    Four nsrmmd and one nsrlcpd
D.    Four nsrlcpd only

Answer: B

A customer has the following EMC NetWorker configuration:
– Two remote storage nodes, Node A and Node B
– Two virtual tape libraries configured on Node A and Node B, respectively
– Twelve virtual tape devices with four drives attached to the NetWorker server, Node A and Node B, respectively
How many nsrlcpd processes are running on the NetWorker server?

A.    0
B.    4
C.    12
D.    16

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A Windows administrator on HostA needs to administer the EMC NetWorker server, ServerX. The administrator will use a web browser to connect to the console server on ServerY and log in to the NetWorker Management Console using the default administrator credentials.
What needs to be included in the Administrator list of the NetWorker server?

A.    user=system,host=ServerY
B.    user=system,host=ServerY
C.    user=system,host=ServerX
D.    user=system,host=ServerX

Answer: A

What EMC NetWorker command is used to display a list of labeled volumes in the NetWorker media database?

A.    mminfo
B.    mmlocate
C.    nsrmm
D.    nsrim

Answer: A

When connecting to an EMC NetWorker console server running on Solaris, an error message indicates that a supported version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not installed. You verify that the supported JRE version is already installed on the NetWorker console server. However, the error message remains.
What needs to be done to resolve the problem?

A.    Reinstall the NetWorker Management Console server.
B.    Reinstall the existing JRE version.
C.    Append /gconsole.jnlp to the URL of the console server.
D.    Restart the console server.

Answer: C

You are using NetWorker Management Console (NMC) to manage an EMC NetWorker server. You want to add a second data zone to your environment and monitor this data zone using the existing NMC. How can this be done?

A.    Add the second NetWorker server as a new host under the NMC enterprise hierarchy.
B.    Add the new NetWorker server to the servers file on the NMC host.
C.    Grant the console user role to the administrator of the new server.
D.    Select diagnostic mode in the NMC Setup window.

Answer: A

Your customer is running an EMC NetWorker 7.6 server and wants to upgrade their clients running NetWorker 7.4.
What are two ways to do this remotely from the NetWorker server?

A.    Software Administration Wizard and nsrpush
B.    Copy with Clients and nsrpush
C.    Software Administration Wizard and nsrclient
D.    Copy and nsrpush

Answer: A

You are installing a new EMC NetWorker server and would like alerts to be sent automatically to EMC Support. What additional component needs to be included as part of this installation?

A.    EMC HomeBase Agent
B.    ConnectEMC
C.    SNMP Alert
D.    EMC NetWorker License Manager

Answer: B

Your Windows environment consists of several EMC NetWorker servers on the same subnet that are responsible for backing up only specific clients for security reasons. You need to change one backup client’s “parent” NetWorker server from NWServer-A to NWServer-B.
Which file do you need to change in order to ensure only NWServer-B can back up this client?

A.    \nsr\res\servers
B.    \nsr\res\nsrdb\nsrd
C.    \nsr\mm\nsrim.priv
D.    Networkr.cfg

Answer: A


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