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Scenario: A NetScaler engineer needs to enable access to some web servers running on an IPv6-only network. The clients connecting the services are on an IPv4 network. The engineer has already enabled IPv6 on the NetScaler. What does the engineer need to do in order to provide access to the services on the IPv6 network?

A. Create an IPv6 tunnel and a IPv4 virtual server.
B. Configure an IPv6 VLAN and bind the required interface.
C. Create a IPv4 virtual server and bind the service group to it.
D. Create an IPv6 ACL and a IPv4 virtual server and bind the ACL to the virtual server.

Answer: C

Scenario: An engineer executes the following commands:
add vlan 2
bind vlan 2 -ifnum 1/2
add ns ip
bind vlan 2 -IPAddress
What type of IP address has been added to the NetScaler?

A. VIP address
B. NSIP address
C. SNIP address
D. GSLB Site IP address

Answer: C

Scenario: A network engineer needs to configure Citrix NetScaler to provide Access Gateway services to VLAN 2 using interface 1/1 only, while also using interface 1/2 to provide load balancing services to VLAN 3. How could this result be achieved?

A. Disable static route advertisement.
B. Disable layer 2 mode
Create 2 untagged VLANs – VLAN 2 and VLAN 3
Bind VLAN 2 to Interface 1/1
Bind VLAN 3 to Interface 1/2
C. Enable Layer 3 mode
Create a Channel Interface using Interface 1/1 and 1/2 Create 2 VMACs
Bind a VMAC to interface 1/1 and 1/2
D. Configure policy-based routing using the Interface option as a filter.

Answer: B

Scenario: A network engineer needs to re-configure the NetScaler to utilize two new VLANs – VLAN2 and VLAN3. VLAN2 is an untagged VLAN and VLAN3 will require a .1q compliant tag. Interface 1/1 is the only interface that will be used on the NetScaler. How could the engineer configure the NetScaler so that it can communicate with both networks?

A. Change the NSVLAN to 3
Add VLAN 2 and bind interface 1/1 as untagged
B. Enable the Tag all VLANs option on interface 1/1.
C. Add VLAN2 and bind interface 1/1 as untagged
Add VLAN3 and bind interface 1/1 as tagged
D. Add a SNIP for each VLAN
Enable management access on the SNIP for VLAN3

Answer: C

Why would an engineer want to specify a TCP Profile for a specific service group?

A. To enable use of features like SSL over TCP for that specific service group.
B. To adjust the TCP settings for traffic to and from that specific service group.
C. To use a specific SNIP for traffic to the back-end servers in that service group.
D. To enable features like use source IP, TCP keep alive and TCP buffering for a specific service group.

Answer: B

Scenario: The NetScaler is connected to two subnets. The NSIP is The external SNIP is The MIP for internal access is Web servers, authentication servers and time servers are on the network which is available through the router. The external firewall has the address. Traffic bound for Internet clients should flow through the external firewall. Which command should be used to set the default route?

A. add route
B. add route
C. add route
D. add route

Answer: A

Some SSL certificate files may be missing from a NetScaler appliance. Which directory should an engineer check to determine which files are missing?

A. /nsconfig/ssl
B. /nsconfig/ssh
C. flash/nsconfig/
D. /var/netscaler/ssl/

Answer: A

Scenario: A call center has deployed Access Gateway Enterprise to provide its employees with access to work resources from home. Due to the number of available licenses, only selected employees should access the environment remotely based on their user account information. How could the engineer configure access to meet the needs of this scenario?

A. Configure a Pre-authentication Policy.
B. Configure an Authentication Server using a search filter.
C. Configure an Authentication Policy using Client based expressions.
D. Add the selected employee accounts to the Local Authentication policy.

Answer: B

How could an engineer configure a monitor to ensure that a server is marked as DOWN if the monitor test is successful?

A. Enable the LRTM option for the monitor
B. Enable the Reverse option for the monitor
C. Disable Down state flush for the service group
D. Disable the Health monitoring option for the service group

Answer: B

A network engineer should use a HTTP-ECV monitor type to control the status of a load balanced web server resource when __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. checking for multiple HTTP response codes
B. wanting to use a customized HTTP Request
C. checking for a specific pattern in the HTTP Response body
D. checking for a specific pattern in the HTTP Response header

Answer: C


1.|2017 New 1Y0-240 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 194Q&As Download:


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