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Complete the sentence. All of the following describe a purpose of an Architecture Compliance review, except ______________.

A.    determining the technical readiness of a project
B.    ensuring the application of best practices
C.    identifying business transformation risks for an architecture project
D.    identifying errors in an architecture project
E.    identifying where architecture standards require modification

Answer: C

According to TOGAF, which of the following steps in Phases B, C, and D occurs before development of the baseline or target architectures?

A.    Conduct formal stakeholder review
B.    Create Architecture Definition Document
C.    Define Roadmap components
D.    Perform gap analysis
E.    Select reference models, viewpoints and tools

Answer: E

Which ADM phase is responsible for assessing the performance of the architecture and making recommendations for change?

A.    Phase A
B.    Phase E
C.    Phase F
D.    Phase G
E.    Phase H

Answer: E

Which model within TOGAF is intended to assist with the release management of the TOGAF specification?

A.    The Capability Maturity Model
B.    The Document Categorization Model
C.    The Integrated Infrastructure Information Model
D.    The Organizational Model for Enterprise Architecture
E.    The Technical Reference Model

Answer: B

Which ADM phase provides architectural oversight of the implementation?

A.    Preliminary Phase
B.    Phase A
C.    Phase E
D.    Phase G
E.    Phase H

Answer: D

Complete the sentence. The Solutions Continuum represents implementations of the architectures at corresponding levels of the _______________.

A.    Architecture Capability
B.    Architecture Continuum
C.    Architecture Landscape
D.    Architecture Metamodel
E.    Architecture Repository

Answer: B

According to TOGAF, how is the Enterprise Continuum used in organizing and developing an architecture?

A.    To aid communication and understanding between architects
B.    To coordinate with the other management frameworks in use
C.    To describe how an architecture addresses stakeholder concerns
D.    To evaluate how best to develop and implement an architecture
E.    To help identify and understand business requirements

Answer: A
Which one of the following provides a foundation for making architecture and planning decisions, framing policies, procedures, and standards, and supporting resolution of contradictory situations?

A.    Architecture principles
B.    Buy lists
C.    Procurement policies
D.    Requirements
E.    Stakeholder concerns

Answer: A

According to TOGAF, which of the following best describes the purpose of the Architecture Roadmap?

A.    To ensure that architecture information is communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time
B.    To evangelize the architecture to the end user community
C.    To govern the architecture through to implementation
D.    To keep the Architecture Review Board informed of changes to the architecture
E.    To show progression of change from the Baseline Architecture to the Target Architecture

Answer: E

What technique does TOGAF recommend that focuses on achieving business outcomes rather than just technical deliverables?

A.    Business Transformation Readiness Assessment
B.    Business Value Assessment Technique
C.    Capability-Based Planning
D.    Communications and Stakeholder Management
E.    Quality Function Deployment

Answer: C


1.|2017 Version New CS0-001 Exam Dumps (VCE & PDF) 85Q&As Download:

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