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You are designing a wireless LAN with the following components:
– High-density indoor access point deployment
– 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz radios
– 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n mode wireless LAN clients
Site survey results show negligible foreign WiFi and non-WiFi interference. What is the best method to decrease duty cycle (radio frequency utilization) and increase overall wireless LAN client performance for this design?

A.    Disable all data rates below 12 Mb/s on all access points.
B.    Decrease radio transmit power on all access points that report a high duty cycle.
C.    Increase radio transmit power on all access points that report a high duty cycle.
D.    Disable all data rates above 12 Mb/s on all access points.
E.    Increase radio transmit power on all access points.

Answer: A

You are designing an optical network. Your goal is to ensure that your design contains the highest degree of resiliency. In which two ways will you leverage a wavelength-switched optical network solution in your network design? (Choose two.)

A.    a wavelength-switched optical network assigns routing and wavelength information
B.    a wavelength-switched optical network takes linear and nonlinear optical impairment calculation
into account
C.    a wavelength-switched optical network guarantees restoration based strictly on the shortest path
D.    a wavelength-switched optical network eliminates the need for dispersion compensating units in
a network

Answer: AB

You are the SAN designer for the ABC Company. Due to budget constraints, there is increased pressure by management to further optimize server utilization by implementing virtualization technologies on all servers and increase virtual machines density. Faced with some SAN challenges, the server team requests your help in the design and implementation of the SAN in the new virtualized environment.
In which two ways can NPIV be used in your proposed design? (Choose two.)

A.    NPIV is used to assign multiple FCIDs to a single N Port.
B.    NPIV is used to define and bind multiple virtual WWNs (VIs) to a single physical pWWN.
C.    You recommend NPIV so that hosts can be members of different zones.
D.    NPIV can be used to allow multiple applications on the same port to use different IDs in the same

Answer: AD

You are designing a network for a branch office. In order to improve convergence time, you are required to use the BFD feature. Which four routing protocols can you use to facilitate this? (Choose four.)

B.    IS-IS
C.    BGP
D.    static
E.    RIP

Answer: ABCD

Refer to the exhibit. Traffic in this network that is destined for arrives at R1. Which path will the traffic take from here and why?

A.    through R3, because it is the lowest cost path
B.    through R2, because it is an intra-area path
C.    through R2, because R3 is in a different autonomous system
D.    through R3, because R1 will only have a summary (type 3) LSA from R2

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. You are designing a Layer 2 VPN for a large financial company. Currently, 90% of traffic from the company’s remote branches comes to HQ. The company has hubs and old switches at remotes that do not have dot1q capability. However, it does not have the budget to invest in new equipment at the remote branches.
In addition to converting the remote branches to Layer 2 VPN, the company wants to connect all the branches to the HQ site, to ensure that the branches have access to dot1q capability. How can this customer’s requirements be met, or if they cannot, why not?

A.    They cannot be met, because an intelligent switch is required at the remote branches to enable
EoMPLS from site to site.
B.    They can be met, but require Ethernet to dot1q interworking between the PEs.
C.    They cannot be met, because EoMPLS in port mode requires VPLS.
D.    They can be met, but EoMPLS in port mode requires VPWS.

Answer: B

Which two mechanisms can provide fast Layer 2 down detection in Frame Relay networks? (Choose two.)

A.    asynchronous LMI
B.    millisecond LMI timers
C.    A-bit signaling
D.    Frame BFD Lite
E.    section 9 LMI convergence

Answer: AC

What are three drawbacks of VPLS? (Choose three.)

A.    Direct-attached VPLS requires a full mesh of pseudowires.
B.    VPLS cannot support IP bridging (as defined in the VPLS standard).
C.    MAC scalability may be problematic, since customer MACs will be visible on the service provider network.
D.    VPLS requires a large amount of multicast and broadcast replication.

Answer: ACD

Which of these is an advantage of creating an in-band rather than an out-of-band management network?

A.    protection of management traffic
B.    lower equipment costs
C.    separate transport equipment
D.    protection of production traffic

Answer: B

When a router running EIGRP considers alternate paths, which ones will it consider loop-free?

A.    ones in which the reported distance is equal to the feasible distance
B.    ones in which the reported distance is less than the feasible distance
C.    ones in which the feasible distance is the same as the best possible route
D.    ones in which the reported distance is the same as the metric of the best possible path

Answer: B


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